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Why does BP drop when standing? This is a sudden drop in blood pressure when you stand up from a sitting position or after lying down. Gravity causes blood to pool in your legs when you stand. Ordinarily, your body compensates by increasing your heart rate and constricting blood vessels, thereby ensuring that enough blood returns to your brain.
Is orthostatic hypotension common? The risk factors for orthostatic hypotension include: Age. Orthostatic hypotension is common in those who are age 65 and older. Special cells (baroreceptors) near your heart and neck arteries that regulate blood pressure can slow as you age.
Why do I feel sick when I stand for a long time? This happens more often after being sick or working in the hot sun. As you get older, it can be harder for your body to control your blood pressure. Standing up after sitting or lying down, or standing for a long time, may cause low blood pressure. This condition, called orthostatic hypotension, can cause fainting.
Can low blood pressure go away? In most healthy adults, low blood pressure does not cause problems or symptoms. But if your blood pressure drops suddenly or causes symptoms like dizziness or fainting, it is too low. It can cause shock. Shock can be dangerous if it is not treated right away.
Can antidepressants cause orthostatic hypotension? Since tricyclic antidepressants can cause orthostatic hypotension, induce arrhythmia at higher doses or tissue concentrations, and interact unpredictably with other drugs, as do the serotonin-reuptake inhibitors, they must be used with great caution in patients with cardiac disease [16–17].
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